Introducing Peter Wilding

Peter is one of Britain’s leading political commentators and bloggers on business, politics and global trends. Widely known as the man that coined the term ‘Brexit’, he has been at the centre of business and politics for 25 years.

In his book, What Next?  he created the theory of Smart Power – how countries, business and people can maximise their influence to measure and achieve their aims.

He is a regular columnist and writes for various national newspapers, as well as being a regular contributor to BBC and global radio and television programmes.

He has worked in international political and commercial environments. He practices as a solicitor specialising in European law. He has stood for the UK and EU Parliaments and was appointed by former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, as Media and Policy Director of the Conservative Party in the EU from 2005-2008. He has worked extensively in government relations having been Director of the Brussels-based lobbying firm, Teneo Cabinet DN, and Europe Director of BSkyB.

He founded British Influence in 2012.

In 2016, Peter published a bestselling book ‘What Next?: Britain’s Future in Europe’, “plotting out a new course for Britain’s troubled relationship with Europe.”